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August 22, 2019

Psalm 142: Sharing Our Worries With God

Psalm 142: Sharing Our Worries With God:  

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Handout: Psalm 142: Sharing Our Worries With God



In our study of Psalm 142 tonight, we begin by noting how the Hebrew of the psalm is much later than David even though it claims to be a psalm of David and how the psalmist sees his present distress in the life of David.  We then do the same and discuss honestly sharing our complaints, difficulties, and pain with God.  We see how the psalmist, Jeremiah, and even Jesus Himself does this all the while completely trusting in God.  We also note some of the messianic overtones of the psalm, explore how our suffering and deliverance can be important to others, and conclude by considering the bounty of God toward us and our great hope in Him.

Tags: Psalm 142, David, Hebrew, Complaint, Prayer, Honesty, Friend, Jeremiah, Agony, Gethsemane, Right Hand, Cry, Bounty, Hope, Deliverance, Psalms