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June 27, 2019

Psalm 146 - Part 3: Praise God Who Keeps Faith Forever

Psalm 146 - Part 3: Praise God Who Keeps Faith Forever:  

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Handout: Psalm 146 - Praise God Who Keeps Faith Forever



In this conclusion of our study of Psalm 146, we begin again with some comments on the Flame of Love devotion and how they relate to a question asked previously about this psalm.  We continue to explore the psalmist's praise of God for His fidelity and providence but also examine how this providence does not imply a faultless world without suffering.  Rather, we can expect the contrary.  We cross reference Psalm 107 to see some of the good effects of this suffering.  We examine God's giving of sight to the blind and His defense of the vulnerable which results in a concluding burst of praise.

Tags: Psalms, Psalm 146, Flame of Love, Consecration, Praise, Fidelity, Providence, Suffering, Blind, Vulnerable